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Truck Display Registration


Check back soon for the next Jamboree Truck Registration!

Come and display your truck! Antiques and newer truck welcome. 

Please complete a separate form for each vehicle.

Truck Owner Information

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Authorized Signature

I give Joplin 44 Petro permission and the right to use above specified truck in advertising and promotion of Joplin 44 Petro, IOWA80.COM and the Joplin Truckers Jamboree. I understand that I will not receive payment of any kind, now or in the future, if a photo or likeness of my truck is used.

Authorized Signature (type name)

If you have any questions regarding the Super Truck Display, please contact Jason Spindler (jason.spindler@iowa80group.com) at 417-624-3400.

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  • Iowa 80 Truckstop


  • Iowa 80 Truckstop