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Local Man Gets Hole-in-One at Iowa 80 Trucking Museum Golf Tournament and Wins Car!

John Randle of Iowa City, Iowa, achieved something yesterday that no one has done in the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum’s Golf Tournament 11-year history; he got a hole-in-one.  That feat in itself is impressive, but coupled with the fact that the particular hole was a prize hole for a 2-year lease on a Ford Mustang made it even better.

“The judges stood up and were looking in the hole, then looked at me, the suspense was killing me!” says Randle. “I yelled, ‘Did it go in?’ then everyone started yelling and jumping up and down, and I was yelling.  People said they heard me up at the clubhouse from Hole #8!”

John Randle is the first person to ever make a hole-in-one shot during the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum tournament; though he humbly admits it’s the third hole-in-one he has made since taking up golf 20 years ago.  Mr. Randle is an employee of CAT Scale Company, Walcott, Iowa and has played in the tournament for several years.

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This year’s tournament was held yesterday at Glynn’s Creek Golf Course where it has been played since its inception 11 years ago.

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